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Dr. Stephen P. Magee, President


Stephen Magee, Bayless-Enstar Endowed Chair and Professor of Finance and Economics, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin        

Prof. Magee has taught courses on how to calculate corporate litigation damages at the University of Texas School of Law. He was the damage expert whose testimony helped win $2.4 billion in damages for a Texas case that was upheld on appeal. In 2014 his damages testimony helped win $156 million in damages for his client in an antitrust case in Houston Federal court, upheld on appeal in late 2015. He has extensive experience testifying on damages involving patents, antitrust and corporate litigation damages. He has testified for DuPont, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Exxon, Dow Chemical, Western Union, Becton Dickinson and Mondis (for whom his testimony won a trebling of post-trial reasonable royalty patent damages). He is currently working on corporate litigation damages, including patent infringement and trade secret damages and doing academic research on the latter.

Prof Magee has served on White House staff; worked for a year for another President’s Council of Economic Advisers and advised two other Presidential administrations in Washington. Prof Magee currently teaches full-time at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas where he has won several teaching awards. He has a PhD in economics from MIT; has served as the Chairman of the Department of Finance at the University of Texas at Austin and has taught economics and finance at UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago and the University of Texas at Austin for over 30 years. He has published nearly 80 academic articles and presented over 100 academic papers worldwide.

In 2003, Magee presented a paper in Havana Cuba attended by Fidel Castro. He then met with Pres. Castro for an hour about the value of intellectual property (see picture below). Magee’s seminal book, Black Hole Tariffs was endorsed on the cover by two Nobel laureates and the chairman of the Nobel prize committee for economics. He has won three teaching awards.



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