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Expert Witnesses for Economic Damage Testimony

Our experienced staff of a dozen professionals for 30 years have employed advanced methods from Industrial organization, Microeconomics, Finance, Econometrics.

Dr. Stephen P. Magee, President.

“Dr. Magee is one of the best courtroom experts in Texas I’ve seen. The jury loved him.”

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  • Bayless Chair Prof. of Finance and Economics
  • Published 75 articles
  • Taught at the U of Chicago and Berkeley
  • Taught UT Executive MBA Program 25 years
  • Best researcher award, UT Business School
  • Multiple teaching awards
  • Teaches Finance & Economics
  • to PhDs, MBAs, undergraduates
  • Bayless Chair Prof. of Finance and Economics
  • Has taught at the UT McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas Austin
  • White House Staff, Washington
  • Advised four Presidential Administrations
  • Award-winning teacher Ph.D. in Economics from MIT
  • Book endorsed by two Nobel laureates
  • Presented 130 papers worldwide
Expert Witnesses for Economic Damage Testimony Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro meeting with Magee in 2003 in Havana after one of Magee’s 150 career academic presentations.


Patents: Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Via, Western Union, Becton Dickinson, Mondis, LinkedIn, Dell, and Bandspeed

General Damages: HP, Time Warner Cable, DuPont

Antitrust: Exxon, 7 Hollywood Movie Studios, MM Steel

Energy: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Constellation

Securities: CenterPoint-Texas Genco, Republic Waste, Tidel, Crossroads

Public Utility Regulation: Reliant Energy-Texas Genco

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